About Me

Who am I? To be sincere, I’m not sure I can truly answer that question. But there is a couple things I can say about myself.

I am a cis woman who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in my early teens (and anxiety, and, according to some doctors but not all BPD). I am also openly queer. I have the firm belief that I will die an old cat lady. Well, I’ll probably have many other cat lady friends too.

I live in Montreal and love my city to bits. I’ve travelled to many places, mainly in Canada, the US and Europe. Travelling is what keeps me going. I love to discover new cultures and live adventures. The world amazes me.

I decided to start this blog to help me deal with the hardships of life in general. Sometimes writing it down helps me understand things a bit better.

The real me is a mostly positive person. This blog is my kick in the butt for when I’m not and think my world is a black hole. Or as someone once said: “Souris! La vie est un fromage.”

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