Anxiety When You Take Me

I’m back at work full time. Well, I was. I haven’t been able to go to work this week. The anxiety grabs me like crazy and I can’t even consider leaving for the office. Which is stupid because I absolutely love it there. Of course, the more I miss work, the more I get anxious about missing work, and well you know where I’m going with that.

I’ve been wanting to blog for ages but I never had the motivation to do it. Today I figured it might help me get through the day until my appointment tomorrow with my psychiatrist. I find it so hard to live with anxiety. It takes hold of me and won’t let go. I’m scared of everything. Right now I keep thinking how bad of an employee I am because I’ve been missing work.

The truth is, I don’t know what to do anymore. My episodes keep getting worse and getting closer and closer together. I’m terrified I won’t be able to keep a steady job. But I must stay positive right? I’m seeing a new therapist. I will be talking more now. So that should help? Hopefully?

I wish you all a wonderful day, because even in my madness I want the best for everyone. Keep up the good work!