Productive AND fun?

I had a great day today. I was super productive at work (well I think anyways…)


The most important moment was definitely the evening. I finally saw Lindsey Stirling!!! For the third time but omg was she just as amazing as she could be! Of course she told us we were the best and we, as a good audience, just screamed our lungs out for the rest of the concert. And frankly, she deserved those screams. For those of you who don’t know her, she’s worth checking out. She’s a “dancing violinist” from the US and she’s very talented.

Here’s a song she made for a Disney movie with Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness:

You can understand why I’m a big fan? She spoke about one of her band members who died last fall and it was very inspiring. Sad of course, but the way she spoke about it was like a revelation.

As you know I haven’t been feeling too well lately. She made me realize that I need to keep fighting harder than I have been. She talked about how she was gratefulness and how she was emotionally stunted after his death and had to learn to open herself again. I think I need to learn to be grateful too. For my family and my friends, for my life in general.

It’s difficult to accept that I have suicidal ideation but that I don’t have to act on it. If I only accepted the situation and the emotions that I feel maybe I’d be more grateful of what I have?

What are you grateful for?

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