New Theme, New Start

I changed my theme! YES. After a static two years, I feel like a new start is what it takes. Today I had to do a presentation at work. My Project Manager was hoping I’d speak but I skillfully managed to avoid any of that nonsense by letting my colleague speak for the entire 15 mins. YEAH ME. Also, bad me. I should learn to speak in public.

But even just the fact that I had to stand there in front of all these people made me shake like a leaf. I can’t imagine what would have come out of my mouth had I tried to utter anything. Just thinking about it now makes me nervous!

Fun fact: during my interview for my current job, my boss told me, and I quote (translated from French) “I can see you are shaking. We’re all relaxed here. No one is wearing a suit. You can calm down.” It did help but I continued my charmingly unstoppable shaking prowess because this is what I do.

My PM promised that if I am on his team for a future project he’ll force me to speak to teach me how to speak in public. Well I guess I’m going to hell.

What terrorizes you the most?

Have a great day everyone!


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